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Wall Plastering

How To Plaster A Wall Yourself – Tips by Fine Finish Interiors

Plastering is one of the very important tasks for home designing and decorating. From creating a smooth layer for the painting of the wall to installing an artificial ceiling and even creating a partition with plasterboard, there are multiple uses...

Interior Decorating

How do I plan an interior decorator for a house?

Let us start with the very beginning -- why do you actually decorate your home? Well, the first preference is obviously because it looks visually appealing. Secondly, to make it more comfortable; and thirdly, it should reflect your personality and...

Interior House Painting

Interior House Painting cost in Auckland, NZ

Want to give your house a nice makeover? Sure, it’s actually a fantastic idea. And an important part of this makeover is painting. This activity has an unusual property of bringing more glow and glamour to your room. But this...


Why Interior Plastering is Still the Best Thing to Do?

With each passing year, new technologies in architecture and new materials are introduced in the market. Interior designers keep pushing the homeowners to use new materials and introductions and to an extent, they succeed as well. But, regardless of the...

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