How do I plan an interior decorator for a house?

Let us start with the very beginning — why do you actually decorate your home? Well, the first preference is obviously because it looks visually appealing. Secondly, to make it more comfortable; and thirdly, it should reflect your personality and impress your guests. Now that you know the exact intention behind decorating your house, you should always keep in mind not to overdo – that takes away all the charm. Just the perfect layout with every piece thoughtfully selected to be placed strategically and comfortably plus alluringly is enough. And this proportion is something that you may not understand until you hire an expert interior designer for this task.

How to Plan Home Interiors: A Step-by-Step Guide

A lovely, beautiful home doesn’t happen just like that. To enjoy this fantastic, homely feeling that is always so sweet. But to reap the fruits, you have to put in some effort. Well, for the step-by-step guidance of this procedure, read on.

1. Hire the best interior decorators

To ensure that your house looks beautiful and exactly as you want it plus all the more functional, contact the best and experienced interior decorator for the job. Fine Finish Interiors are known for their oodles of experience in designing classy and functional homes perfectly. After calling these decorators, you can be sure that whatever beautification that happens in the place with their help would always be accurate.

2. Understanding the space and requirement

Being practical while designing and decorating your home is very essential. You have to understand the functions the space has to perform and design accordingly – but manage not to overcrowd the area – this balance is the key to designing any space. Free traffic space for foot traffic is essential for any layout – for that, devising a functional floor plan factoring in the aesthetics and the usability is essential — something a professional designer can plan accurately.   

3. Plan the budget

The budget is the next important thing that you should definitely consider. You just can’t aspire to design a lavish home when your budget is restricted. Keep your finances ready, think of the possibilities you have in mind, and then allocate funds for each segment wisely keeping some buffer for flexibility. It is wise to discuss this matter with an interior designer for better guidance.

4. Design development

Now you have to sit with your contractor, architect, and interior designer and design the accurate structure of the house. This is the time to make the improvements that you desire in the layout of the house as well. Since the designers today provide you with a 3D visionary image of the house that you aspire to build, it becomes easier to understand every minute design details.

5. Planning electrical and plumbing joints

Even before starting the construction of the building, it is very important to layout the proper planning of electrical and plumbing joints in the house. Because these start from the ground level and then are spread all across the place. So, the base for this has to be done properly through an expert and that too right now.

6. Flooring and walls

From the ceiling to the floors and even the wall, you have to design them all. You have to select the best flooring – be it hardwood or tiles or natural stone, the design of the false ceiling, and even the preference of paints or the wallpapers for the walls. Also, don’t miss to think about the best decorative and long-lasting flooring and wall tiling options for your bathrooms and kitchens.

7. Shades in the house

Well, the loveliest part of designing your home is here! Now you have to think of a suitable colour shade or scheme for various parts and rooms of your house. You can even ask for preferences from each member of the family so that everyone has a room of their choice. And while you are thinking of the best colour scheme, remember to create a unifying effect across the house for a seamless, cohesive feel. You should also think of a suitably appealing colour for the exteriors of your home as well so that your entire house looks beautiful and charming.

8. Furniture and furnishings

Now it’s time for fun! Furniture has to be comfortable – but it can be classic, rustic, boho, or country style – the options are many – what you choose would depend on your décor theme. You can either choose to get these readymade from suitable furniture stores or simply let your architect design or customise them for you. Now according to the shades on the walls and furniture design, pick suitably complementing furnishings. Keep in mind to pick up rugs, window dressings, throws, cushions and all such frills that add a homely touch to a house.

Finally, it is time to accessorise – from vases for fresh flowers to arts on the wall, from décor pieces to lampshades – time to bring them in. You may add your personal touch by incorporating mementoes from travel etc. Also, spruce up the curb appeal. A beautiful home should be lovely inside out. A nicely landscaped outdoor space and a welcoming façade of the house create the best first impression.

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