How To Plaster A Wall Yourself – Tips by Fine Finish Interiors

Plastering is one of the very important tasks for home designing and decorating. From creating a smooth layer for the painting of the wall to installing an artificial ceiling and even creating a partition with plasterboard, there are multiple uses of a plaster in your home construction and decoration. And if you really want to have this job done perfectly, calling an expert is the best option for you. But if you are keen on trying this on your own as well, then this guide is especially for you coming straight from the experts.

Different types of plastering jobs that a DIYer can perform confidently

If you love doing all your work by yourself and even house interiors are on your list, then don’t worry, Fine Finish Interiors brings about a detailed guide to help you plaster by yourself in your home and that too in different areas.

Installing plasterboard to a stud wall

Fine Finish Interiors , are one of the best plasterers in the city, believes that this is the easiest plastering job a common man can do on his own. You can install a plaster in your house to create a wall between two rooms, to hide the problems on a certain wall, and even just as a layer of decoration. And in this procedure, you just require getting a ready-to-install plasterboard from the market and attach it on the wall with nails. You’ll require these items for to complete this installation by yourself:

  • Measuring tape
  • Retractable knife
  • Pad saw
  • Plasterboard screws

After getting the materials, just follow this procedure to install the plasterboard on the stud wall.

  • Measure the sheets and mark them in such a way that they are 12mm less than the ceiling and the floor.
  • Cut the sheet as per the line using a knife.
  • Get someone to help you attach the frame on the wall and fix it using plasterboard screws of around 32mm.

Applying undercoat plaster to wall

Another method to coat the plaster on the wall on your own is by applying or coating it neatly on the walls. This is the perfect procedure to make the walls ready for painting and also smoothen the rough edges of the wall. What’s more, it’s a highly recommended procedure to hide the scratches and holes in the walls of your house. You’ll require:

  • 2 Trowels
  • Plaster
  • Water to dilute the plaster

When ready with the material, you need to follow these steps to coat the walls with plaster:

  • Clean and prepare the surface for plastering.
  • Mix the plaster and water properly to form a perfectly smooth layer to apply on the walls.
  • Start coating the plaster with the help of a trowel and even it later using a roller.
  • Wait for twenty minutes before rolling the plaster and getting rid of the lumps and even the surface perfectly.
  • Scrape the wall using a wooden scraper to get rid of the unevenness on the wall and wait for a day.
  • Mix a similar (but thinner consistency of plaster and water) concoction and follow with a second coat on the same surface.
  • Flatten the bumps when the surface is still wet for the ideal finishing of the surface.

Installing plasterboard on solid walls using plasterboard adhesive

Another great way to add a plastered layer to your house is with the help of plasterboard adhesive. It’s actually the easiest, as you just use an adhesive and a ready to install plasterboard to any wall and even create another section in a room. You require only a few items in this process that includes:

  • Ready to install plasterboard or drywall
  • Drywall Adhesive gum

With these essentials, easily stick the dry wall to the surface you like by following these steps:

  • Measure the proper length and width of the dry wall and the surface where you need to install this.
  • Use the adhesive to simply stick the dry wall over the surface you desire.
  • Place it firmly on the surface and use the screwdrivers if you doubt that the wall may come off. (Though the chances are bleak.)
  • Scrap the corners if required using sandpaper.

See, isn’t it easy to carry out the basic plasterwork in your own home all by yourself? Now that you know the trick, we assume that you’ll definitely tackle the small plastering jobs in your home on your own. For the rest, experts are always the best. 

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