Interior House Painting cost in Auckland, NZ

Want to give your house a nice makeover? Sure, it’s actually a fantastic idea. And an important part of this makeover is painting. This activity has an unusual property of bringing more glow and glamour to your room. But this wonderful effect is a result of the great precision and expertise of a professional painter. So, if you really require a nice looking house with everything beautiful and refreshing in it, don’t delay in contacting a good painter immediately.

Obviously, today nothing comes for free. So, even hiring a good painter demands some costs. You basically have to contact an expert painter from Fine Finish Interiors and ask for a quote for the entire paint job that’s to be done in the house. They have got some good painters who make it a point to do an excellent job in beautifying your houses via a perfect painting work – and all of it without breaking your bank.

How do painters estimate painting costs?

Whenever you approach any painter for the painting job of your house, expect a tentative quote from their side for this work. And if you want to know how they generally calculate this amount, then this guide is surely for you.

They first visit the site

Firstly, any painter you approach will visit your site. They’ll completely take into consideration each and every minute details. All the walls that need to be painted shall be factored in. As per the conditions of the walls, they calculate everything. Sometimes, they also provide you an estimate according to the square feet area of the house (for example — they can charge you a predetermined amount per square feet and now you have to multiply that unit by the total area they need to cover, and this shall give you the total estimate). In both cases, it totally depends on what kind of paint job you require in your house and how large the place is!

Cost of paint

Secondly, a painter considers the amount and cost of paint that he or she will require to beautify your house. Mostly these painters have a contract with suppliers through which they get a nice discount in whatever paint they get from them. They calculate the total gallons of paint they’ll need for your work and even keep in mind the type of it and quality of the same while analysing its cost. The market today is flooded with a plethora of paint options in all price ranges and a variety of quality and texture. Know what you want and finalise accordingly.

The cost of materials

The painters also keep in mind the other materials that they’ll require for this job. This includes the brushes, masking tapes, masking plastics, primer, etc. Again, these painters have strong connections with the suppliers of these items and tend to purchase these materials at heavy discounts.

Cost of labour

Most of the painters provide you a quote after calculating the average cost of labour they will require for the work. Normally, a painter hires around three or four expert craftsmen for the job of a regular, standard sized house which might take around a week to get completed. And the labour cost of this crew will be around $800 per day. But again, these charges tend to differ or increase if the condition of your house is really dilapidated, the walls require two or more layers of paint, the weather conditions are not conducive etc. They also factor in the season when you are painting the house.

Hidden cost of marketing

Though a painter never says this to you, if it’s a really good painting company, they’ll include this hidden charge within your quotation fees. It’s for the marketing work they carry out for their company. This may include the photographers or videographers they call on site to click the pictures and capture the videos of them carrying out the job in your home, the finished results clicked and so on.  Well, you actually won’t be aware, but you’re being charged for this part too.

Their mark up amount

Lastly, the painters include their personal markup along with these charges. If it’s an average running painting business, the painter will keep a 30% markup. For a company that’s more famous, it’s around 50% or so.

We think this guide is comprehensive and simple enough to let you know how your painter estimates or calculates the amount of fees they’ll charge you for the painting work they do. So, the next time they provide you a quotation, you should know what it’s all about!

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