Painting North Shore

Painters North Shore

At Fine Finish Interiors, our specialisation in interior painting puts us under the radar of the residential sector in North Shore and surrounding areas. Our clients love us because we provide them with reliable house painting services at affordable prices. We are willing to cover that extra mile for you. Which means we are ready to cut costs without cutting corners.

Once the job is done, we leave the premises only after cleaning it. No job is too big or too small for us, and this philosophy reflects in the quality of our services.

We value your time as much as our own, which is why our painter in North Shore always arrives on time so that your plans don’t suffer due to our delayed service.

Not just false claims, we deliver what we promise. And therefore, enjoy the reputation of the best painting service in the industry.

Trusted House Painter in North Shore, Auckland

Allow us to take over your home renovation project because your house deserves the best treatment possible. Our house painter in North Shore is reliable, qualified, and above all committed to delivering exceptional results.

We work closely with you during the entire process – from initial consultation to colour selection, and final finishing, we ensure customer satisfaction.

Plaster Repair North Shore

Looking for a reliable service of plaster repair in the North Shore? At Fine Finish Interiors, we have a team of experienced specialists that can immediately fix the cracks in your plasterboard and secure it to prevent further damage.

We also provide additional assistance during a home renovation project. Call us now to see how we can help you.

GIB Fixer in North Shore

With adequate experience and immense knowledge of completing all plastering jobs to perfection, our GIB fixers have earned an enviable reputation in the North Shore market.

Our project management team stays in constant contact with the professionals to make sure your project is delivered on budget.

GIB Stopper in North Shore

No more worrying about those crevices and imperfections on the plasterboard surface when you have trusted GIB stoppers to your rescue.

We use top-quality products to conceal and fill those imperfections to give your home interiors a perfectly smooth finish.

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