Why Interior Plastering is Still the Best Thing to Do?

With each passing year, new technologies in architecture and new materials are introduced in the market. Interior designers keep pushing the homeowners to use new materials and introductions and to an extent, they succeed as well. But, regardless of the new outlines, some products remain as the top preference for workmen and homeowners despite their shortcomings. Plastering is one such aspect that is repeatedly challenged with new products and tools but it has remained on the top. Read on to know some of the salient features of a plastering job that no other product can match.

Overall Finish

There is a certain amount of gloss and shine in a plastering job that cannot be matched by drywall patches or modern-age GIb Boards. When the plaster is mixed with water and is invited for a long time, the end product is so greasy and flush that it gives the best lustrous finish when compared to all the other contemporaries. If you want to hide a crack in your ceiling during a renovation or you want a smooth finished wall for painting, no one can match the smoothness of a plastering job. This is one of the reasons that people still opt for plastering before a paint job even though plastering is an age-old procedure.

Soundproof Solution

When you construct a wall of bricks and then apply plaster on it, you make sure that the wall will leak no noise outside. If you ask a professional occupied in Interior Plastering in Auckland, he will tell you that the materials used in a plastering job are so thick and well-knitted that the constructions made of plastering job are automatically soundproof. As in, you cannot expect a cardboard material to not leak the inner resonances but you can expect this amenity out of a plastered wall. Moreover, if you are making a special-purpose room or cabinet such as a recording studio or a sound lab, the best choice for you is plaster because no other material would offer you a soundproof and insulated environment.

Weather Impacts

The most important aspect of a wall or ceiling is its strength to stand against the impacts of weather. This is again something you can only expect from plaster. Due to the natural perforation and spacing between the particles of Gib boards and drywall, absolute penetration-resistance is impossible and unreasonable to expect from these materials. Contrarily, plaster atoms are so closely-fitted with each other that there is no possible space to penetrate through. This gives you the feature of waterproofing, soundproofing, and utter isolation from outside subdivisions. As a result, the natural weather impacts do not affect plaster as severely as they do to other variables of plastering. 

Keep all these aspects in mind before choosing to make sure you do the right thing.

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